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Abedian, Andrew

Title: Senior Game Designer

Company: Survios, Inc.

Alkon, Shimon

Title: Freelance Narrative Director, Narrative Designer Performance Director and Writer

Company: TinkerVR

Almeraris, Michael

Title: VP of Content and Partnerships

Company: HTC

Aube, Tony

Title: Staff Designer

Company: Osmo


Batchelor, Sophia

Title: Student

Company: UC Berkeley

Beck, Jaroslav

Title: CEO and Music Composer

Company: Beat Games

Berns, Daisy

Title: General Manager

Company: Exit Reality

Brada, Benno

Title: Director

Company: The Dolphin Swim Club


Caruso, Thomas

Title: Physician

Company: Stanford University School of Medicine

Castaneda, Lisa

Title: Co-founder and CEO

Company: foundry10

Cechony, Anna

Title: Research Accessibility and Strategy

Company: foundry10

Chen, Pearly

Title: VP Business Development & Chief of Staff to CEO

Company: HTC

Crawford, Jason

Title: CEO

Company: Modal Systems


Dodds, Laura

Title: Head of Art

Company: Dream Reality Interactive

Dorvilias, Clorama

Title: Co-founder

Company: DebiasVR

den Butter, Gijs

Title: CEO

Company: Sense Glove


Eiche, Andrew

Title: Chief Technology Owl and Cable Slinger

Company: Owlchemy Labs


Falstein, Noah

Title: President

Company: The Inspiracy


Ganga, Reena

Title: Senior UX Designer for AR

Company: IBM

Goldberg, Jenna

Title: Senior Visual Designer for AR

Company: IBM


Hamilton Trost, Julia

Title: Head of VR/AR Content and Partnerships

Company: YouTube

Hargreaves, Brian

Title: Professor

Company: Stanford University

Harris, Kat

Title: Designer and Developer

Company: Microsoft

Hieftje, Kimberly

Title: Director

Company: play4REAL Lab, Yale

Hill, Sarah

Title: CEO

Company: Healium

Hodson, Michael

Title: Founder/CEO

Company: Only In VR

Horn, Erik

Title: Chief Creative Officer

Company: Fair Worlds

Hughes, Katie

Title: VR Product Designer

Company: Beast, Inc.


LaFayette, Pierre-Antoine

Title: Android VR Engineer

Company: Facebook

Lazzaro, Nicole

Title: President

Company: XEODesign, Inc.

Lee, Ernest

Title: Chief Content Officer

Company: AmazeVR

Lipo, Patrick

Title: Lead Designer

Company: Hidden Path Entertainment

Liu, Yang

Title: PhD student

Company: Caltech


Macklin, Alexis

Title: Lead Analyst

Company: Greenlight Insights

Maneri, Andrew

Title: Perceptual Engineer

Company: Unity Technologies

Mathew, Neil

Title: CEO

Company: Placenote

McCulloch, Jesse

Title: Program Manager

Company: Microsoft

Meister, Markus

Title: Professor and Executive Officer

Company: Caltech

Mogstatd, Isabel

Title: Project Manager, EDF+Business

Company: EDF

Mostafavi, Iman

Title: Staff Product Manager

Company: 8th Wall

Murphy, Rosstin

Title: VR Engineer

Company: STRIVR


North Cook, Doug

Title: Assistant Professor of Immersive Media

Company: Chatham University


O'Connor, Chris

Title: Technical Director

Company: ZeroLight

Oakes, Jon

Title: Business Development

Company: SVVR


Perry, Jonathan

Title: CEO

Company: Ractive

Pulkka, Aaron

Title: Head of Production/Attractions

Company: Two Bit Circus


Rakusanova, Maria

Title: Content Acquisition and Partnerships Lead / VRCurator

Company: HTC VIVE / Raindance Film Festival

Ranyard, Dave

Title: Founder and CEO

Company: Dream Reality Interactive

Reimer, Devin

Title: Chief Executive Owl

Company: Owlchemy Labs

Rodriguez, Samuel

Title: Physician

Company: Stanford University School of Medicine


Sackman, Josh

Title: President

Company: AppliedVR

Shaw, Carrie

Title: CEO

Company: Embodied Labs

Sheffield, Mason

Title: Director of Lab Technology

Company: Lowe's Innovation Labs Seattle

Simari, Matthew

Title: Product Manager, AR

Company: Facebook

Sjollema, Marijke

Title: Founder and CEO

Company: The Dolphin Swim Club

Spalding, Eric

Title: Lead Technical Integrator

Company: Boeing

Steiber, Rikard

Title: President

Company: Viveport, HTC

Stiksma, Josh

Title: Principal Designer

Company: Polyarc

Sun, Sunny

Title: Global Content Director

Company: NOLO Co., Ltd.


Tan, Vivian

Title: Co-founder and CEO

Company: Beast, Inc.

Toepel, Jim

Title: Design Director

Company: Independent

Toohey, Lucas

Title: CEO and Co-founder

Company: Observer Analytics


Unpingco, Alesha

Title: User Experience Designer

Company: Google


Vaidyanathan, Kyle

Title: Software Engineer

Company: Unity Technologies

Voorhees, John

Title: Founder/CEO

Company: Primitive


Walker, Brendan

Title: Engineer

Company: Polyarc

Werbrouck, Paolo

Title: Director of Technology

Company: PlayDigital Innovation Lab, IGT

Williams, Jada

Title: Lead UX Designer, Mixed Reality

Company: Microsoft

Willis, Ginny

Title: Product Manager

Company: STRIVR


Yust, Charles

Title: Principal Design Technologist

Company: frog