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High Risk, No Reward? Building an Immersive Entertainment Business

Dave Ranyard  (CEO, Dream Reality Interactive)

Location: Game & Entertainment Stage

Date: Monday, October 14

Time: 4:00 pm - 4:40 pm

Topic: Entertainment

Format: Session

Vault Recording: Video

Audience Level: All

So you want to break out and start your own business - it is a pretty cool ambition, and a tough one. And you want to do it in an unproven, highly changeable and volatile space... immersive entertainment? Sure why not add in some extra risk? As of now, very few companies have broken through… are you crazy? Well maybe yes, and maybe no. As with many new technologies, we have had a lot of excitement followed by some disillusionment. But actually that has happened before and will happen again. We had a lot of investment a few years ago and then some cooling off. More recently we are seeing investors getting interested again. The VR platforms are making headway with clearly more consumer-focused hardware and there genuinely seems to be some traction in the market.

This talk will look at the state of the nation for immersive entertainment companies, how and when to raise finance, what business models could work and their merits and risks, plus a bunch of other useful tips. It will cover: the basics of getting a business started and how financing works; the past and present of immersive business and financing; technology vs content production; the significant differences between the AR & VR markets; how to run your business; and some top tips of survival and success.

Dream Reality CEO, Dave Ranyard, will draw on his own experience raising finance in 2016 for dream reality interactive, plus that of his peers, colleagues and friends. It is a small industry still and we all share a lot of information and experiences.


How to get started with your own business, the basics of how VC finance works, a look at the current and near-future opportunities in immersive entertainment, different business models, growth models and industry sectors, some tips on how to run things and achieve your goals.

Intended Audience

Anyone wanting to set up a business, grow their business or interested in the current and future market of immersive entertainment.